Travels in Italy: Veneto – Islands of Murano and Burano (May 25, 2015)



Murano is an island northeast of Venice. It is known for its glassmaking industry dating from 1291. Here one can watch a glassmaking demonstration by one of its artisans. Just be wary that they will show you to the showroom to woo you with their exquisite products.

Murano Glassblowing

Murano Glassblowing

Murano Glass Horse



The island of Burano located further northeast of Venice and Murano is a colorful destination for young couples (as noted by the wedding photo shoot above). Historically, it was known as the home of fishermen and lacemakers. The visit to Burano to try delicious seafood was an optional tour offered by Trafalgar.

We went to Al Vecio Pipa for a taste of the seafood. We were served three courses: a fish pate, seafood risotto and spaghetti with salad; and fried calamari.

Fish Pate

Seafood Risotti and Pasta

Fried Calamari

Overall, it tasted average but the seafood was fresh and flavorful.



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